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During 2016 Christ Church hosted a series of talks as part of Christians Together In Nailsea & District AL16HT a year to talk about Jesus. These talks are open to all the churches in Nailsea.

The Deep Church course explored how our Christian faith hinges on two key foundation-stones: first, the historical tradition of the past, rooted in Christ’s Incarnation, his revelation in Scripture, and his teachings carried forward by the apostolic Church which he instituted; and secondly, the affirmation and renewal of this historical tradition through the ongoing operation of the Holy Spirit in the Church in every time and place. Without the faith-traditions established by Christ and the early Church we would have no creeds or liturgy or doctrine – in other words, we wouldn’t know WHAT we actually believe. The course has examined the problems that occur both in modern secular society and in the modern Church when we forget, ignore, or deliberately sweep under the carpet the historical heritage of our Christian past. However, unless and until these historical traditions are renewed and kept alive by the ongoing activity of the Holy Spirit throughout the ages, they just become dry and dusty museum pieces. We need both Tradition and Spirit if we are to be truly living in Deep Church.

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Deep Church Bishop Rowell 216Please click here to hear Geoffrey Rowell’s talk on the whole of Church history in just one hour




Deep Church -Spiritual Warfare 216Please click here to hear Dave Mitchell’s talk on Spiritual warfare





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