AL16HT Logo200AL16HT is the name of Nailsea and District’s ‘Year to talk about Jesus’. All the local churches will be running special events from music, comedy and drama nights, to holiday clubs for the elderly and those for children, schools work, family events, pub nights and so on, there’ll be something for everyone!

Throughout the year we’ll be releasing more event dates so keep checking out the website at or search for us at Al16ht on Facebook or #alight2016 on Twitter. Be a part of a special year, meet some friendly folk, have fun and maybe discover more about who this Jesus is and why all kinds of people follow him today.

In 2016, AL16HT will be the talk of the town. (with thanks to James Pennington)


Update to churches -November 2016




Deep church logo 200

Christ Church has already completed its first commitment to AL16HT by organising the Deep Church series. For more details, see the Deep Church page of this website.